21 Aug 2008

Everyone is a winner!!

It’s time we give peace a dance – and hustle up some respect for the designers who contributed with their talents, efforts, enthusiasm and creativity to giving creativity a swing, for the launch of the first edition of ArabAd poster design contest.

This year, the team at the Middle Eastern communications magazine selected Peace as the theme for designers to work around and join this creative challenge made to generate greater awareness with the arts as a weapon for social change.

Fundamentally, this initiative is a tribute ArabAd want it to give for the 50th anniversary of a symbol, the Peace sign. Hence, the only rule of the poster contest was to include a peace sign with the artwork submitted.
All art forms were welcomed and participants from all over the Middle East showed a great deal of interest and overwhelming contribution.

With less than 4 days to go before the launch of the exhibition during an artful celebration labeled “Swing,” ArabAd invited the experts to join the jury panel and be part of the team in charge of finding the tiny flashlight, the ten top posters that says it all, among the 100 + submissions ArabAd has received so far.

Here is sneak peak of the jury meeting, where it was obvious the task at stake, wasn't a piece of cake!
Wednesday August 20 - 7 PM Jurors met at Artlounge gallery and selected the top ten winners. Winners will be announced Sunday at the SWING and awarded cash prizes & valuable gifts. First winner will get a 1000USD; 2nd: 750USD; 3rd:500 ---

Walid Azzi - ArabAd Zone
- ArabAd
Joe Abou Khaled - Impact BBDO
Jad Khoury - Print Works
Antonio Vincenti - Pikasso
Pascal Zoghbi - NDU - 29letters
Tarek Chemaly - ALBA - NTSC
Nathalie Fallaha - LAU - Vit-e
Chahid El Khoury - Drive Communications - 961 Beer
Nino Azzi - Art Lounge gallery
Hana Anbar - Daily Star
Sylva Guiraguossian - Emagoss art gallery


The jury panel consisted of professional designers, academics, creative directors, publishers, copywriters and OOH company owners and was responsible in conducting the judging based on the below listed criteria:

Ø Overall Creativity and Concept

Ø Visual impact

Ø Peace sign embedment and relevancy

One thing is certain, I have no idea who won; the jurors don't no either; tomorrow the computer will do the final calculations & will be keeping the secret till we all get together, to give peace a needed dance.

Cheers & Salam
C U on Sunday for the results ---
& The Winner IS.....


Anonymous said...

And the winner is ... :)

Anonymous said...

can't waite to know the winner

Anonymous said...

We want to see the winning posters , please, please, please!!!
Aaaa ... did I say PLEEEEASE? :)