21 Aug 2008


@ sunset time, Arbi & his crew will be opening up the art exhibit, with a dynamite Capoeira show--
This is ART ON THE ROCKS, powered by Artlounge gallery where between 7 & 8 PM the peace posters, all artworks submitted --for ArabAd design challenge around the notion of Peace & the celebration of the peace sign 50th anniversary---will be unveiled for a premiere public viewing.

So, if you are an art lover, an activist, a responsible designer, or just a believer in creative visual communication as a powerful tool that could benefit the community and the minds,
well, GEAR UP SOUTH, To Rmeyleh; the SWING has it all for you.
Just ask yourself, what do you have for Peace's sake!
Tickets are available from 961 Beer, Basement Club, Biba bar & Artlounge Gallery - all locate in Gemmayzeh -Ashrafieh; tickets can be found at La CDthèque Hamra & Ashrafieh as well

& at ArabAd magazine office in Sursock, of course- 01 201858

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