29 Apr 2008

Take Note

ArabAd Peace Poster Contest
at a Glance

ArabAd Peace Poster design contest is open to all interested designers/artists based in the Middle East
Take note: the only rule is to integrate the peace sign within the Poster Peace designed visual communication

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Peace sign, ArabAd Peace Poster Design contest’s objective is to help identify and define the notion of Peace, and its common values and ideals, as it celebrates Ideas of Tolerance, Solidarity, World Peace etc. Hence, by contributing with their creative thoughtful designs, artists will be showing their opposition to war in general, and their talent put at the service of design and social issues, in particular.
ArabAd is pleased to help the creative Arab community identify additional talents and make them benefit from additional opportunities, by showcasing their work in a massive public art exhibition.
Substantial media coverage is set for the event.

  • A panel of design ninjas will pick the most thought provoking of the batch, to award them valuable prizes;
  • Winners will be selected based on creativity, visual interest, and how well they solve the problem, as presented;
  • Participants could also include along with the A2 poster design submitted, a short (100 words or less) description of their message, along with their name, title, email address and phone number;
  • Only three entries per person; all medium are allowed as categories will be adjusted at a later stage;
  • US $10 fee is set for each submission;
  • The overall winners -- of the Peace Poster Design Challenge-- will receive a considerable amount of gifts and ace cash prizes. Top ten winners will be awarded valuable prizes and sponsors' winners are also to be selected;
  • All entries become property of ArabAd, and all decisions by the judges are final;
  • Work may be used online, or for any other purpose;
  • All artworks will be showcased on Arab Ad website and blogs, to illustrate the range of ideas and get a public vote;

ArabAd Peace Poster exhibition will subsequently travel to different countries of the GCC/Levant and be featured in selected Art fairs.
All entries will be on display at Art Lounge Gallery Beirut, during summer 2008.
The final winning artwork will get published as a full-page ad in various media outlets, including regional outdoor media.
ArabAd looks forward to seeing outstanding artwork that will inspire worldwide PEACE.

Email us your poster visual, formatted for printing in A2, or on a CD to ArabAd head office Beirut:
TEL: +961 1204665

Closing date for entries is 5:00PM ON June 15th 2008

For your Entry Form, Rules and Terms

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