6 Mar 2011

don't forget

don't forget
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Don't forget to keep peace flying....

5 Apr 2010

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10 Mar 2009

FUROR, TERROR you name IT!

The now familiar yet immeasurably wicked and disturbing pictures of barbarism and torture at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison have raised many troubling questions:
How did torture become an accepted practice at Abu Ghraib? Did U.S. government policies make it possible? How much damage has the aftermath of Abu Ghraib had on America's credibility as a defender of freedom and human rights around the world?
This global symbol of abuse and human rights violations has also spurred loads of satire and parody. Here is a selection of few of the street art and graphics that have been posted on the net as eye-opening imagery on one brutal chapter in the history of humanity.
For more spoofed imagery of Abu Ghraib, visit our new blog, dubbed DESIGN 961

For a 'flagedelic' parody of social & political issues, click here, you might be astonished

28 Feb 2009

Playfulness of type-based design

By Nofrillsart of Redbubble community

By PixelProtest of Redbubble

Building forms out of words, letters or elements is a fairly common design conceit. Indeed, the lettering builds on an old technique of using letterforms as frames-or reveals-for the image. Based on a similar approach, all featured visuals illustrate the playfulness of graphic design and share common traits.
All of the 3 designs on top are type-based, which bring each visual to life, while achieving a recognisable shape.
The typography graphically spells out meaning and takes on greater significance.
A for the visual below, it's the elements (grenades & M16) that playfully represent the message and celebrate the idea.

By PixelProtest

Que Cese La Masacre

By pyrotaurus

By Simon Synett

By Ben Heine

Creative communication flooding for a Palestine Libre

Design by Michael Thompson aka Freestyle

The Israeli army has unleashed an unprecedented force in its campaign against Hamas militants in Gaza Strip. This was a war by the world’s 4th largest military power that started December 27, 2008 and ended about two months later.
Children, who make up more than half of crowded Gaza's--1.4 million people--are the most defenseless victims of the war. Over 250 kids have been killed so far in this war of terror on Gaza launched by Israel. Death toll was over the thousand.
International news media had been barred from the strip by Israel. Therefore, coverage of events inside Gaza came from locally-based journalists & bloggers.
BBC had its own Gaza-based producers.
The Qatari-owned TV channel, 'al-Jazeera' had a brilliant English-speaking correspondent.
Artists worldwide have contributed with covering the conflict with their design to draw attention to this pressing conflict, hoping to be able to make a difference with their visual messages, political cartoons and all sorts of creative design expressions.
Socio-political graphic communication appeared slowly but surely all over the world and got posted online. No doubt that these engaged artists were interested in triggering greater awareness around the war on Gaza.

The body of work is pro-Palestinian in its majority and often depicts a desperate picture: death and destruction.
What can we conclude from such initiatives?
That there is a definite need to empower the people by bringing their attention around issues that matters, through creative poster design/art. ArabAd has gathered a brew of the best designs found on the net.
Featured is artists' take on the blood-bath that took place in Gaza strip. See for yourself and follow the route. Needless to remind you, that responsible design is the core mission of your profession and creative design is your best weapon. So, don't wait no more... Live up to that responsibility, Stand up for Palestine Libre.

14 Jan 2009


WAR KILLS ! (Ben Heine)
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By a Belgian political cartoonist,(Ben Heine).

13 Jan 2009

No a la guerra

No a la guerra
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Does a simple & straightforward message still makes any sense?

"4,000 Too Many"

"4,000 Too Many"
Originally uploaded by EnikOne™

A beautiful illustration promoting Peace.

The Evasive Pyromaniac

The Evasive Pyromaniac
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What started It?...Well I know...Hate & Anger...Nothing Less, Nothing More...

5 Jan 2009

Think Tank

Another thoughtful and creative pick of visuals featuring a tank, with a dash of humour and lot of sense...Selected from the wonderful online artful gallery of redbubble.

graphic design, a bloody strong weapon

by Alskaman31




by Grandia

Here is a pick of beautiful anti-war design visual expressions I came across while surfing the red bubble online art community and gallery. The imagery speaks for itself... All I can add...Peace is worth designing for...Nothing is worth fighting for... Art is one hell of a weapon, sharp and strong, as culture & education can be... So please, don't lose sight...Keep designing for stuff that matters... & let us know what you're up to...Would be glad to share your anti-war feelings & contribute to the mixing of your creative juices...We have loads of good stuff we'd be delighted to show you... Keep on dropping by ArabAd-vertising & creative blog for resourceful visual communication all on Peace & Love mode...The best is on the upload...[& the riming is just one cool accidental coincidence ;0]
Salam wa Hob

by Mozdesigns

by James Lillis

by PixelProtest

by Huyo

by Peter Visser

Stay Happy

A design by Adam de la Mare found on redbubble art community.
Picasso's dove dropping a grenade..
What a perfect imagery to reflect the surprises the New Year has for us;
surprises that have started to show up!

...Doesn't look rosy...

A new year is upon us! But what a year 2008 was! & What a year has debuted! Have a look at Gaza's strip & the horror prevailing over there....
Anyhow, Hope everyone has gotten their holiday madness taken care of.

Wish You & Yours a joyous 2009.
...A Happy, Prosperous and a Creative New year
…May you fullfill your dreams. May you find new ideas, strengths, desires, and passion...
...May this new year bring peace and good tidings.
Keep safe & Stay Happy!

Bless y’all

"You progress not through improving what has been done, but reaching toward what has to be done." - G.K. Gibran

31 Dec 2008

Feel the Love, Save the Circle...Peace

Feel the Love, Save the Circle...Peace
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We all come from a Circle, a full Circle; though, the world is filled with loads of square-minded people...
So my wish for 2009 is a year blasted with wisdom & love...Leave your hate, anger & negative pulses in the closet, Save the Circle...

Hope everyone gets his holiday madness taken care of.
Enjoy your time with family and friends this holiday season and remember each and everyone is a precious gift, an opportunity to learn from, respect and love.
Open your heart and let your joy flow unto others and share the light of yourself so others can follow you through their darkest of days.

Best wishes and seasons greetings! Stay safe and Happy! :)))

"You progress not through improving what has been done, but reaching toward what has to be done." - G.K. Gibran



3 Dec 2008

this means love

By Polish artist Peter Fuss