10 Mar 2009

FUROR, TERROR you name IT!

The now familiar yet immeasurably wicked and disturbing pictures of barbarism and torture at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison have raised many troubling questions:
How did torture become an accepted practice at Abu Ghraib? Did U.S. government policies make it possible? How much damage has the aftermath of Abu Ghraib had on America's credibility as a defender of freedom and human rights around the world?
This global symbol of abuse and human rights violations has also spurred loads of satire and parody. Here is a selection of few of the street art and graphics that have been posted on the net as eye-opening imagery on one brutal chapter in the history of humanity.
For more spoofed imagery of Abu Ghraib, visit our new blog, dubbed DESIGN 961

For a 'flagedelic' parody of social & political issues, click here, you might be astonished


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Almeda said...

Very Patriotic. I love Watching Patriotic Posters. It gives us some feel.

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