28 Feb 2009

Playfulness of type-based design

By Nofrillsart of Redbubble community

By PixelProtest of Redbubble

Building forms out of words, letters or elements is a fairly common design conceit. Indeed, the lettering builds on an old technique of using letterforms as frames-or reveals-for the image. Based on a similar approach, all featured visuals illustrate the playfulness of graphic design and share common traits.
All of the 3 designs on top are type-based, which bring each visual to life, while achieving a recognisable shape.
The typography graphically spells out meaning and takes on greater significance.
A for the visual below, it's the elements (grenades & M16) that playfully represent the message and celebrate the idea.

By PixelProtest


Adeline said...

Its pretty good. I like very simple and different type of Posters. I like using such pictures only for my Business advertisement.

Logo Design said...

This gun poster looks really cool and creative i like this post.
Nice blog.