4 Jul 2008

Weapons like the Mind, Inspiration, Creativity & most of all....

IF We Can't Make Peace...
@ Least Celebrate IT!

Salam everyone,

Today, our public stories are absolute bad news...
It seems that ignorance, greed, fear, envy, anger, selfishness have replaced messages of Hope, Tolerance, Coexistence, Happiness & shared Values.
Everywhere we look, one can see messages and images that reinforce our culture dominated by Consumerism, Branded lifestyle & Individualism... There must be better means than just Advertising, Entertainment & the News to tell our Story in a thoughtful, beautiful and meaningful way.

ArabAd is giving you an opportunity to reach people & promote the World we all want to
see, your Piece of Story, your Story of Peace.

The spirit of a society is captured in its stories and symbols; one that captures the best of our culture and brings out our highest aspirations. We’ve all seen how inspiring Creativity can be; it moves people to Feel more deeply and Act more fully. Creative have always been at the center of storytelling and symbol making. Artists have challenged perspectives and continue to do so... ...& We’ve also seen community-building initiatives pave the way to tangible actions...

ArabAd is calling anyone from the Middle East-- who can draw, scribble or write an inspirational Peace message-- to design humanity's highest aspiration, as the Peace symbol has turned 50, this past April. THE ONLY RULE IS TO EMBED THE PEACE SIGN INTO THE ARTWORK. So, Go on, Give Peace a dance! Submit some creative design expressions. You Can Make a Difference! This contest highlights the essential role of design - in enabling the arts to become tools at the hands of creative people -- in solving contemporary challenges.

ArabAd Peace Poster Contest & Show is set to foster a powerful, transformative journey --

& We believe, You are equipped to lead the way, with Weapons like the Mind, Inspiration, Creativity & most of all Truth. Deadline for submissions: July 31, 08 - 6 PM Beirut time
For more info:
Flickr: www.flickr.com/groups/arabadpeace
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14760881596
Email: peace@arabadmag.com & this Blog: http://arabadvertising.blogspot.com

Best of Luck & Peace out!

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