27 Jun 2008

Shoot your message...

We are sure the Dalai Lama would support ArabAd's initiative & encourage all of you out there, to think of Peace and then create and send out your peace message to the world --to us who will be in charge of showing it to the whole world ;+)

"The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists,"
--Martin Luther King

For 50 Years, three simple lines within a circle lead a colourful, hip, hippy and often trendy lifestyle, which could be a bit awkward to consider its symbolism and reckon its representation of Peace.
  • Did Peace go out of style half a decade later?
  • Are we any closer to Peace-- specially being located & speaking from the Middle East?
It is amazing how we sometimes take an iconic symbol for granted without questioning its true meaning and all possible and genuine means!
Since the peace symbol has done plenty of commercial work during all this time, it is about time designers speak out loud their stance on Peace. As such, the only rule of ArabAd Peace Poster Contest is to include the Peace sign in the poster design they will be submitting.
ArabAd Magazine is giving the design community of the Middle East an opportunity to celebrate Peace the real way, giving a tribute to its symbol, while pausing for reflection & dreaming of a better world using just a creative & cultural weapon.

Do designers really make a difference in the world?
Everywhere we turn, the answer is a resounding yes.
Design affects all aspects of daily life.
The consequences of design profoundly affect society’s well-being and solutions to many challenges facing us today increasingly depend on the contributions of designers in our midst.
More than ever, effective design today rests on education that emphasises deep engagement with— and contributions to—the world around us.
This is the basic mission of ArabAd, which is very obviously interested in redefining, or better and as Walid Azzi, publisher of the magazine explains,
"ArabAd pPeace poster design contest's core mission is to highlight the meaning of the “educated” designer as a powerful change agent and a citizen of the larger world."

If you believe that Creativity Rocks and that Design does Matter, Go on, Give Peace a dance and submit some thoughtful visual design expression around the Peace theme.
Deadline is July 31, 2008 - 6 PM Beirut time.

A high profile publicity plan, cash prizes, a blast of a party with graffiti artists, jugglers, live performances, kick ass DJs, plenty of freebies and a massive media exposure are just a piece of the cake.
For the rest, just Imagine all the people....

Salam & Peace out!

For more info: peace@arabadmag.com

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