8 Jul 2008

Together, we dare to dream

All the above mentioned brands --PRINT WORKS, ARTLOUNGE, MIX FM, 961 BEER, AL BALAD, DAILY STAR, TIME OUT BEIRUT-- are valuable strategic partners for ArabAd Peace poster design contest & exhibit show.
We can't view them but as real skilled communicators, obviously energetic and in tune with our times, focused and committed to driving the community --through design and creativity-- toward building awareness around our highest and dearest dream and aspiration: Peace.

Together, we will be able to create a greater ability to stay engaged in the often difficult and complex mission of peace and justice.
Together, we dare to dream, dare to speak and dare to inspire.
Together, we are better peacemakers than any of us could be alone.
Together, we will strive to bring light to important social issues in relation to Peace.
Together we will galvanise the public by providing meaningful, artful, colourful, thoughtful educational and an action-oriented project and fun event.

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