7 Jul 2008

Our valuable strategic partners

So, here are the sponsors that have shown great enthusiasm through partnering up with ArabAd Peace poster design Contest & exhibit show, joining forces with ArabAd staff taking this project to the next level.
ArabAd, the monthly Communications and Business publication of the Middle East, is exceptionally pleased to join efforts with brands, applying communication strategies well-rooted in the non-violence and peacemaking philosophy, geared to promote positive messages empowering the community.
Through this collaborative relationship, each one of us enhances his/her own mission, committed to honour and promote the diversity of visual arts in the Middle East.

What pleased us more than anything is the similarities of our Vision...& Mission: a firm belief that creative design is the essence of problem solving, and by providing the participants, the audience and the community at large, with powerful educational tools and resources, we are all contributing in helping students, artists, creative --anyone into the arts-- design more impactful outcomes for successful social change.
Our partners clearly believe in the powerful healing tool that art can be and are inspired by original talent and creativity, willing to explore avenues that capture their own philosophies allowing a happening, which holds messages that are fresh and thought-provoking.

This unique and far-reaching project, brought to Lebanon by ArabAd and its partners, reflects a new spirit of collaboration in the community.
It is our sincere hope that the innovative & fresh approach of this collaboration will help advance the public discourse surrounding fear and violence, as obstacles to reaching peace, creating positive social change within our community.

We believe a healthy, happy, peaceful world is possible and look forward to seeing many more brands and companies looking for creative ways to make change, to serve the public interest, to build a "better world," to address future challenges by having a very active dialogue to promote Peace through the Arts, Design and Creativity.

With your help and funds we can accomplish all of the above and much more!
If you would like to align your brand with ArabAd Peace poster design contest & exhibit show and are interested in supporting the project by endorsing it and becoming a sponsor, please contact Ibrahim at ArabAd office : +961 1201858 or email us at peace@arabadmag.com to answer all your inquiries.
In the meantime keep the peace rolling....

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