6 Jun 2008

Yo! What happened to Peace?

Yo! What Happened to Peace? was started in 2003 with 14 prints and an opening hosted by Cross World Connections in Tokyo, as a response to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and has since grown into an international exhibition, featuring work from a growing roster of over 130 artists.
Committed to highlighting the beauty of hand-crafted printmaking techniques, as a method of visual protest, the show has traveled the globe continuously adding new artists and artwork.

In the spring of 2007, a Yo! What Happened to Peace? book was published, featuring 144 color pages of over 200 prints from the show, handcrafted anti-war and pro-peace posters by 120+ artists that have come to define the touring Yo! What Happened to Peace? exhibition, along with a die-cut stencil cover and an introduction by Winston Smith. Currently based in Los Angeles, the show is put together by John Carr (curator), Katherine Kirby (coordinator), Ra (operations), and Caton Volk (producer).
End The War
End The War screenprints by the Yo! crew.
Design by John Carr & Ra. Handpainted unique color backgrounds by Julie Rasmussen and Andi.
Screenprint by Contra.

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