7 Jun 2008

Food Not Bombs

The Food Not Bombs movement i
s one of the world's largest all volunteer movements that takes direct action for peace and justice. It shares free vegetarian food in hundreds of communities all over the world.
Food Not Bombs has no formal leaders and each chapter is autonomous; yet, the movement is united around the principles of nonviolence, that decisions are made by consensus, that the food is free to anyone who wants it and that the food is vegetarian or 'vegan.'
On May 24, 2008 Food Not Bombs celebrated 28 years of organising, providing free vegan meals to the hungry and working for peace, social justice and a sustainable future.
Food Not Bombs has inspired several generations of dedicated peace activists.

Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry is a dynamic, inspiring and experienced public speaker with a wealth of knowledge about the global movement Food Not Bombs.

McHenry helped start the first chapter in Boston in 1980. He designed the movement's logo and co-wrote the book, Food Not Bombs, How to Feed the Hungry and Build Community.
Keith has participated in protests for peace and economic justice all over the world, planting olive tress on the West Bank, feeding blockaders at Shannon Airbase in Ireland and sharing vegetarian meals at the Food Not NATO actions in Turkey. He joined Zagreb Food Not Bombs at their Anti-McDonalds action and helped feed the protesters in Cancun at the demonstration against the WTO. His benevolent actions are numerous, and unlimited.

He was arrested over 100 times for "making a political statement" by sharing free food in San Francisco.

He has spent over 500 nights in jail for his peaceful protest against militarism.
The San Francisco Police beat him 13 times and tortured him 3 times.
He was framed in 1994 under the California "Three Strikes law" and was one of the first white people to face a 25 to life sentence under the new law.

Amnesty International wrote letters and campaigned for Keith's unconditional release and his case was taken up by the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland.
According to the New York Times, Keith is currently listed by the U.S. State Department along with Howard Zinn and Noam Chompski, as one of America's 100 most dangerous people and the movements, Food Not Bombs and Indymedia, that he co-founded are listed on the FBI's Terrorist Watch List.
In May 2006, Keith was taken off a flight from Turkey and questioned for over an hour by Homeland Security about his work with Food Not Bombs. The contents of his wallet were input into a Homeland Security database.

Today, Keith McHenry gives presentations all over the world about Food Not Bombs and the peace and social justice movement.

Food Not Bombs next move is set to be loud & to drive enough media exposure to raise greater awareness on how to start building a world with peace, healthcare, education, food, housing, a safe environment, and democracy.
TENT CITY PROTEST will kick off Saturday June 28, before Independence Day, July 4th.
"Everyone is invited to gather outside the White House to help bringing Peace & Justice to the world."

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