15 Jun 2008


These are posters protesting the Republican National Convention (RNC) and the Bush administration.
The No RNC Poster Project started when a small group of friends, with experience in graphic design and independent media, came together with the goal of collecting and distributing posters against the Republican National Convention in New York City.

Their original plan was to print a limited number of posters in a newspaper-format booklet and then move on to a different project. The response to their call for submissions was overwhelming - "who knew there were so many angry artists out there?!," they say - and they've gotten such a wealth of great work from people around the US that they've expanded their plans ever since.

They've printed two sets of posters, for over 50,000 in all, and two sets of stickers.
These posters and stickers have covered NY city. They were on the streets, in storefronts and apartment windows, on picket signs, everywhere you - or the invading Republicans - look.
They were out there to show the world that New York is against Bush, the Republicans, and the RNC's callous exploitation of the memory of September 11th for political gain.

Read about them in the NY Times.

Today, the collective behind the No RNC Poster Projects has been reincarnated as Visual Resistance.

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