17 Jun 2008

Recharge & Shoot

ArabAd has launched a regional design competition and exhibition where regional creative professionals, students and amateurs in the design, advertising, architecture, and art worlds are invited to submit artworks with due attention to Peace.
Three cash prizes will be bestowed. The First Prize of $1,000 will be awarded, and up to two special recognition awards of $700 and $500 each will be also given. Participants must be residing in the Middle East.
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Competition participants are encouraged to be mindful of the extraordinary importance of peace, its imperative, and to consider the poster design opportunities in relation to peace. The challenge is the identification of the myriad of reasons that leads or limits peace.
All entries will be on display at the Tribute Night Exhibition scheduled for mid-August and where a top ten line-up of winners will be announced along with a winner for every sponsor.

We hope you will be able to join us! Please mark your calendar and visit this site for more information as it becomes available.
Moreover, work will be featured in several traveling exhibitions and will be on display all through the summer at Artlounge gallery in Beirut.
We will be keeping you all up to date as we approach the June 30th deadline for submissions, and look forward to being able to share some BIG NEWS regarding the performers who will make it to the Tribute party night, as we all prepare for the upcoming battle.

Until then, keep the peace and continue to visit arabadvertising.blogspot.com for updates and information and above all, SPREAD THE WORD. We need all the support we can get!
For further info, email us: peace@arabadmag.com

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