8 Jun 2008

The Art of Politics

Here is an initiative very similar in spirit and essence to ArabAd Peace Poster Design Competition.
Art of Politics is the brainchild of Leslie Mestman and Summer Lewis, two women located in Portland, Oregon, who have over ten years in marketing experience and twenty years in political and social issues. They've spent the last several years working together in energy conservation. Leslie and Summer created the political poster design competition as a way to engage people in politics, based on what matters most to them.

The Art of Politics is a dynamic and innovative way to engage Americans this election year by fusing the political issues that people are passionate about with stylized artistic posters in a nationwide contest.
Artwork Theme: Political issues of local, national or global significance. Featured are some of the posters already submitted and running in Art of Politics competition.
These are the ones that made it to the top 30. you can view all entries here and get inspired for your submissions to ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest.
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You Can't Buy Revolution by James David Morgan
Demanding our Rights Peacefully by Anonymous from Bahrain
We Are Connected by Joel Hawkins
Umbrella by Heather Jones
Don't just hope... Vote by Cheryl Shipman

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xtina said...

some of that simpler stuff reminds me a lot of geoff mcfetridge's work, i just bought a poster, not from him but from this movie i think he's in. going to look so nice over my bed...;)