8 Jun 2008

Art of Democracy

Selene Vasquez;

Will Barnet;

Ann Chernow;

Zev Deans;

Frances Jetter;

Art Hazelwood;

The Art of Democracy (AOD) is a national coalition of political art exhibitions all taking place in the Fall of 2008 throughout the US.
ission is to promote the political art of artists and art organisations on a national scale during the critical period leading up to the 2008 presidential elections.
The means of achieving this goal will be to encourage artists to
organise a national (or even international) voice for political art and artists and amplify to help amplify a message of civil activism, reform, dissent, and protest by bringing together artists’ energies on a global scale.

Here are some of the posters that will be exhibited in different venues across the US.
Click here to view more of Art of Democracy political posters & get inspired to submit your own to ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest.

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