28 Feb 2009

Creative communication flooding for a Palestine Libre

Design by Michael Thompson aka Freestyle

The Israeli army has unleashed an unprecedented force in its campaign against Hamas militants in Gaza Strip. This was a war by the world’s 4th largest military power that started December 27, 2008 and ended about two months later.
Children, who make up more than half of crowded Gaza's--1.4 million people--are the most defenseless victims of the war. Over 250 kids have been killed so far in this war of terror on Gaza launched by Israel. Death toll was over the thousand.
International news media had been barred from the strip by Israel. Therefore, coverage of events inside Gaza came from locally-based journalists & bloggers.
BBC had its own Gaza-based producers.
The Qatari-owned TV channel, 'al-Jazeera' had a brilliant English-speaking correspondent.
Artists worldwide have contributed with covering the conflict with their design to draw attention to this pressing conflict, hoping to be able to make a difference with their visual messages, political cartoons and all sorts of creative design expressions.
Socio-political graphic communication appeared slowly but surely all over the world and got posted online. No doubt that these engaged artists were interested in triggering greater awareness around the war on Gaza.

The body of work is pro-Palestinian in its majority and often depicts a desperate picture: death and destruction.
What can we conclude from such initiatives?
That there is a definite need to empower the people by bringing their attention around issues that matters, through creative poster design/art. ArabAd has gathered a brew of the best designs found on the net.
Featured is artists' take on the blood-bath that took place in Gaza strip. See for yourself and follow the route. Needless to remind you, that responsible design is the core mission of your profession and creative design is your best weapon. So, don't wait no more... Live up to that responsibility, Stand up for Palestine Libre.


Aloysia said...

Lovely Collections. Everything looks good. I get Poster designs from Poster Ninjas for my business advertisements.

leatherargento said...

How, exactly, is a barrage of ads targeting Israel as a "terrorist state" whose army is engaged largely in "targeting children" supposed to engender a spirit of cooperation?

The only thing that will do is cause people to call for American or Arab occupation or dissolution of Israel. Because that's what people call for when a state is depicted as inhuman and inhabited by inhuman killing machines that bathe in the blood of children.

Wouldn't it be more productive -- even if a bit humbling -- for Arabs worldwide to petition peacefully and humbly for the freedom of their Arab brothers and sisters?

How exactly is putting Israel on the defensive supposed to bring peace?