5 Jan 2009

Stay Happy

A design by Adam de la Mare found on redbubble art community.
Picasso's dove dropping a grenade..
What a perfect imagery to reflect the surprises the New Year has for us;
surprises that have started to show up!

...Doesn't look rosy...

A new year is upon us! But what a year 2008 was! & What a year has debuted! Have a look at Gaza's strip & the horror prevailing over there....
Anyhow, Hope everyone has gotten their holiday madness taken care of.

Wish You & Yours a joyous 2009.
...A Happy, Prosperous and a Creative New year
…May you fullfill your dreams. May you find new ideas, strengths, desires, and passion...
...May this new year bring peace and good tidings.
Keep safe & Stay Happy!

Bless y’all

"You progress not through improving what has been done, but reaching toward what has to be done." - G.K. Gibran

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