14 Jun 2008

Drawing Peace

A cartoon submission picked from the 'One million Peace signs' pool on Flickr; a must check group for all of you out there, interested in participating in our contest, ArabAd Peace poster Design , due sometime mid-August, in Beirut, in one 'Helluva' Peace Tribute Party, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Peace sign.
Please note, ArabAd magazine is calling for a poster artwork where you'd be designing your stance on Peace, addressing a message of Peace; beware, it's not about the design of the Peace sign; however, it is mandatory for you to include the peace symbol in the design, to be eligible in the contest and be part of the stunning show that is set for this summer.
It is noteworthy to mention that all submissions will be on display during the summer 2008 at Artlounge gallery, Lebanon.
Deadline for your entries: June 30, 2008


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