25 Jun 2008

Arab Woman & the Peace Bomber

Peace Bomber & Arab woman by Shepard Fairey-
Could you spot the peace sign in here?? well, if you do, know that this is the kind of artwork we would be dying to receive at ArabAd for the Peace Poster Design Contest; a thoughtful poster design tacking peace that we would be delighted to exhibit & show in every media possible throughout the Middle East & beyond Inshallah. A subtle insertion of the peace symbol in your artwork is more meaningful that its blunt inclusion with no relevancy to the concept & just for the sake of it, cuz it's the rule underlined in the contest.
So, kindly take note & Best of luck.

Btw, these prints are for sale here
But hey, don't rush to do so...cuz i am interested in getting them; so, click on that link
by the end of the month please, thank you ;0)

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