29 May 2008

ART IS WAR, designer way...

Bomb Huggin' was created by UK street artist Banksy; the "Peace Tree" is by Shepard Fairey.

DROP the Bomb & HUG Peace --
Design a Poster to celebrate Peace and get a chance to get a massive exposure
in various media
throughout the Middle East, as you also might win a thousand US $ [in cash]
if you get selected, of course, by a ninja pack of jury,
who will have to select the winner of all Peace posters;
A top ten line up of winners will also be awarded valuable prizes,
while benefiting from a great publicity set to the overall event,
massive opportunities and unexpected surprises...
ArabAd magazine will do what it takes to bring about
one giant exposure to the deserving designers
who would have contributed to the Peace Poster Design Contest,
with Distinction :0)

Al participants will see their work as par of a regional
a road show,
exhibited across the Middle East...
Get ready to rise high, with [a poster] Design that Matters!
& hopefully you will be making a Difference.

Meanwhile, spread the peace & stay well.
Ask all you need to know...
email ArabAd magazine
or call: +961 1 204662

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